Commit 284795f8 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(condition-case): Fix edebug-form-spec to

allow a handler with a list of condition names.
parent b48e4aeb
;;; edebug.el --- a source-level debugger for Emacs Lisp
;; Copyright (C) 1988,'89,'90,'91,'92,'93,'94,'95,'97
;; Copyright (C) 1988,'89,'90,'91,'92,'93,'94,'95,1997
;; Free Software Foundation, Inc
;; Author: Daniel LaLiberte <>
......@@ -2104,7 +2104,7 @@ expressions; a `progn' form will be returned enclosing these forms."
(def-edebug-spec condition-case
&rest (symbolp body)))
&rest ([&or symbolp (&rest symbolp)] body)))
(def-edebug-spec \` (backquote-form))
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