Commit 28578f87 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert

Prefer static to extern in ebrowse

* lib-src/ebrowse.c (info_where, info_cls, info_member)
(info_position, options, yyival, yytext, yytext_end, yyout)
(yyline, filename, is_ident, is_digit, is_white, f_append)
(f_verbose, f_very_verbose, f_structs, f_regexps)
(f_nested_classes, min_regexp, max_regexp, inbuffer, in)
(inbuffer_size, string_start, class_table, member_table)
(namespace_alias_table, global_symbols, current_namespace)
(all_namespaces, namespace_stack, namespace_stack_size)
(namespace_sp, tk, keyword_table, search_path)
(search_path_tail, scope_buffer, scope_buffer_size)
(scope_buffer_len): Now static.
(options): Now const.
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......@@ -306,19 +306,19 @@ struct sym
#define P_DEFN 1
#define P_DECL 2
int info_where;
struct sym *info_cls = NULL;
struct member *info_member = NULL;
static int info_where;
static struct sym *info_cls = NULL;
static struct member *info_member = NULL;
/* Experimental. For option `--position-info', the buffer position we
are interested in. When this position is reached, print out
information about what we know about that point. */
int info_position = -1;
static int info_position = -1;
/* Command line options structure for getopt_long. */
struct option options[] =
static struct option const options[] =
{"append", no_argument, NULL, 'a'},
{"files", required_argument, NULL, 'f'},
......@@ -339,28 +339,28 @@ struct option options[] =
/* Semantic values of tokens. Set by yylex.. */
unsigned yyival; /* Set for token CINT. */
char *yytext; /* Set for token IDENT. */
char *yytext_end;
static unsigned yyival; /* Set for token CINT. */
static char *yytext; /* Set for token IDENT. */
static char *yytext_end;
/* Output file. */
FILE *yyout;
static FILE *yyout;
/* Current line number. */
int yyline;
static int yyline;
/* The name of the current input file. */
const char *filename;
static const char *filename;
/* Three character class vectors, and macros to test membership
of characters. */
char is_ident[255];
char is_digit[255];
char is_white[255];
static char is_ident[255];
static char is_digit[255];
static char is_white[255];
#define IDENTP(C) is_ident[(unsigned char) (C)]
#define DIGITP(C) is_digit[(unsigned char) (C)]
......@@ -368,25 +368,25 @@ char is_white[255];
/* Command line flags. */
int f_append;
int f_verbose;
int f_very_verbose;
int f_structs = 1;
int f_regexps = 1;
int f_nested_classes = 1;
static int f_append;
static int f_verbose;
static int f_very_verbose;
static int f_structs = 1;
static int f_regexps = 1;
static int f_nested_classes = 1;
/* Maximum and minimum lengths of regular expressions matching a
member, class etc., for writing them to the output file. These are
overridable from the command line. */
int min_regexp = 5;
int max_regexp = 50;
static int min_regexp = 5;
static int max_regexp = 50;
/* Input buffer. */
char *inbuffer;
char *in;
size_t inbuffer_size;
static char *inbuffer;
static char *in;
static size_t inbuffer_size;
/* Return the current buffer position in the input file. */
......@@ -396,7 +396,7 @@ size_t inbuffer_size;
first character in the string constant. Used for recognizing
extern "C". */
char *string_start;
static char *string_start;
/* The size of the hash tables for classes.and members. Should be
prime. */
......@@ -405,40 +405,40 @@ char *string_start;
/* The hash table for class symbols. */
struct sym *class_table[TABLE_SIZE];
static struct sym *class_table[TABLE_SIZE];
/* Hash table containing all member structures. This is generally
faster for member lookup than traversing the member lists of a
`struct sym'. */
struct member *member_table[TABLE_SIZE];
static struct member *member_table[TABLE_SIZE];
/* Hash table for namespace aliases */
struct alias *namespace_alias_table[TABLE_SIZE];
static struct alias *namespace_alias_table[TABLE_SIZE];
/* The special class symbol used to hold global functions,
variables etc. */
struct sym *global_symbols;
static struct sym *global_symbols;
/* The current namespace. */
struct sym *current_namespace;
static struct sym *current_namespace;
/* The list of all known namespaces. */
struct sym *all_namespaces;
static struct sym *all_namespaces;
/* Stack of namespaces we're currently nested in, during the parse. */
struct sym **namespace_stack;
int namespace_stack_size;
int namespace_sp;
static struct sym **namespace_stack;
static int namespace_stack_size;
static int namespace_sp;
/* The current lookahead token. */
int tk = -1;
static int tk = -1;
/* Structure describing a keyword. */
......@@ -452,7 +452,7 @@ struct kw
/* Keywords are lookup up in a hash table of their own. */
struct kw *keyword_table[KEYWORD_TABLE_SIZE];
static struct kw *keyword_table[KEYWORD_TABLE_SIZE];
/* Search path. */
......@@ -462,8 +462,8 @@ struct search_path
struct search_path *next;
struct search_path *search_path;
struct search_path *search_path_tail;
static struct search_path *search_path;
static struct search_path *search_path_tail;
/* Function prototypes. */
......@@ -1132,9 +1132,9 @@ putstr (const char *s, FILE *fp)
/* A dynamically allocated buffer for constructing a scope name. */
char *scope_buffer;
int scope_buffer_size;
int scope_buffer_len;
static char *scope_buffer;
static int scope_buffer_size;
static int scope_buffer_len;
/* Make sure scope_buffer has enough room to add LEN chars to it. */
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