Commit 28650cf1 authored by Michael Kifer's avatar Michael Kifer
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parent 5d3cb559
......@@ -2355,10 +2355,7 @@ temporarily reverses the meaning of this variable."
;; warp mouse into a working window
(setq warp-frame ; if mouse is over a reasonable frame, use it
(cond ((and ediff-xemacs-p (window-live-p (car (mouse-position))))
(window-frame (car (mouse-position))))
((frame-live-p (car (mouse-position)))
(car (mouse-position)))
(cond ((ediff-good-frame-under-mouse))
(t warp-frame)))
(if (frame-live-p warp-frame)
(set-mouse-position (if ediff-emacs-p
......@@ -2369,6 +2366,24 @@ temporarily reverses the meaning of this variable."
(if (ediff-buffer-live-p meta-buffer)
(ediff-show-meta-buffer meta-buffer))
;; Returns frame under mouse, if this frame is not a minibuffer
;; frame. Otherwise: nil
(defun ediff-good-frame-under-mouse ()
(let ((frame-or-win (car (mouse-position)))
(buf-name "")
frame obj-ok)
(setq obj-ok
(if ediff-emacs-p
(frame-live-p frame-or-win)
(window-live-p frame-or-win)))
(if obj-ok
(setq frame (if ediff-emacs-p frame-or-win (window-frame frame-or-win))
(buffer-name (window-buffer (frame-selected-window frame)))))
(if (string-match "Minibuf" buf-name)
(defun ediff-delete-temp-files ()
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