Commit 2890bd0c authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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(archive-mode-map): Use the new menu-item format for

menu-bar menus.  Add help strings.  Don't remove the Edit menu
from the menu bar, as the menu bar has enough space now.
parent 261f3289
......@@ -614,57 +614,64 @@ archive.
(if archive-lemacs
() ; out of luck
;; Get rid of the Edit menu bar item to save space.
(define-key archive-mode-map [menu-bar edit] 'undefined)
(define-key archive-mode-map [menu-bar immediate]
(cons "Immediate" (make-sparse-keymap "Immediate")))
(define-key archive-mode-map [menu-bar immediate alternate]
'("Alternate Display" . archive-alternate-display))
(put 'archive-alternate-display 'menu-enable
'(boundp (archive-name "alternate-display")))
'(menu-item "Alternate Display" archive-alternate-display
:enable (boundp (archive-name "alternate-display"))
:help "Toggle alternate file info display"))
(define-key archive-mode-map [menu-bar immediate view]
'("View This File" . archive-view))
'(menu-item "View This File" archive-view
:help "Display file at cursor in View Mode"))
(define-key archive-mode-map [menu-bar immediate display]
'("Display in Other Window" . archive-display-other-window))
'(menu-item "Display in Other Window" archive-display-other-window
:help "Display file at cursor in another window"))
(define-key archive-mode-map [menu-bar immediate find-file-other-window]
'("Find in Other Window" . archive-extract-other-window))
'(menu-item "Find in Other Window" archive-extract-other-window
:help "Edit file at cursor in another window"))
(define-key archive-mode-map [menu-bar immediate find-file]
'("Find This File" . archive-extract))
'(menu-item "Find This File" archive-extract
:help "Extract file at cursor and edit it"))
(define-key archive-mode-map [menu-bar mark]
(cons "Mark" (make-sparse-keymap "Mark")))
(define-key archive-mode-map [menu-bar mark unmark-all]
'("Unmark All" . archive-unmark-all-files))
'(menu-item "Unmark All" archive-unmark-all-files
:help "Unmark all marked files"))
(define-key archive-mode-map [menu-bar mark deletion]
'("Flag" . archive-flag-deleted))
'(menu-item "Flag" archive-flag-deleted
:help "Flag file at cursor for deletion"))
(define-key archive-mode-map [menu-bar mark unmark]
'("Unflag" . archive-unflag))
'(menu-item "Unflag" archive-unflag
:help "Unmark file at cursor"))
(define-key archive-mode-map [menu-bar mark mark]
'("Mark" . archive-mark))
'(menu-item "Mark" archive-mark
:help "Mark file at cursor"))
(define-key archive-mode-map [menu-bar operate]
(cons "Operate" (make-sparse-keymap "Operate")))
(define-key archive-mode-map [menu-bar operate chown]
'("Change Owner..." . archive-chown-entry))
(put 'archive-chown-entry 'menu-enable
'(fboundp (archive-name "chown-entry")))
'(menu-item "Change Owner..." archive-chown-entry
:enable (fboundp (archive-name "chown-entry"))
:help "Change owner of marked files"))
(define-key archive-mode-map [menu-bar operate chgrp]
'("Change Group..." . archive-chgrp-entry))
(put 'archive-chgrp-entry 'menu-enable
'(fboundp (archive-name "chgrp-entry")))
'(menu-item "Change Group..." archive-chgrp-entry
:enable (fboundp (archive-name "chgrp-entry"))
:help "Change group ownership of marked files"))
(define-key archive-mode-map [menu-bar operate chmod]
'("Change Mode..." . archive-chmod-entry))
(put 'archive-chmod-entry 'menu-enable
'(fboundp (archive-name "chmod-entry")))
'(menu-item "Change Mode..." archive-chmod-entry
:enable (fboundp (archive-name "chmod-entry"))
:help "Change mode (permissions) of marked files"))
(define-key archive-mode-map [menu-bar operate rename]
'("Rename to..." . archive-rename-entry))
(put 'archive-rename-entry 'menu-enable
'(fboundp (archive-name "rename-entry")))
'(menu-item "Rename to..." archive-rename-entry
:enable (fboundp (archive-name "rename-entry"))
:help "Rename marked files"))
;;(define-key archive-mode-map [menu-bar operate copy]
;; '("Copy to..." . archive-copy))
;; '(menu-item "Copy to..." archive-copy))
(define-key archive-mode-map [menu-bar operate expunge]
'("Expunge Marked Files" . archive-expunge))
'(menu-item "Expunge Marked Files" archive-expunge
:help "Delete all flagged files from archive"))
(let* ((item1 '(archive-subfile-mode " Archive"))
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