Commit 289dd53b authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier

(elisp-flymake-byte-compile): Handle killed buffer in sentinel

* lisp/progmodes/elisp-mode.el (elisp-flymake-byte-compile):
Don't burp if the source-buffer has been killed.
parent cf36c821
......@@ -1699,9 +1699,11 @@ current buffer state and calls REPORT-FN when done."
(when (eq (process-status proc) 'exit)
((not (eq proc (with-current-buffer source-buffer
(flymake-log :warning "byte-compile process %s obsolete" proc))
((not (and (buffer-live-p source-buffer)
(eq proc (with-current-buffer source-buffer
(flymake-log :warning
"byte-compile process %s obsolete" proc))
((zerop (process-exit-status proc))
(elisp-flymake--byte-compile-done report-fn
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