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Mention ESC ESC ESC instead of M-x top-level.

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......@@ -790,20 +790,15 @@ level". This is indicated by square brackets in the mode line,
surrounding the parentheses around the major mode name. For
example, you might see [(Fundamental)] instead of (Fundamental).
To get out of the recursive editing level, type
M-x top-level<Return>.
To get out of the recursive editing level, type ESC ESC ESC. That is
an all-purpose "get out" command. You can also use it for eliminating
extra windows, and getting out of the minibuffer.
>> Try that now; it should display "Back to top level"
at the bottom of the screen.
In fact, you were ALREADY at top level (not inside a recursive editing
level) if you have obeyed instructions. M-x top-level does not care;
it gets out of any number of recursive editing levels, perhaps zero,
to get back to top level.
>> Type M-x to get into a minibuffer; then type ESC ESC ESC to get out.
You can't use C-g to get out of a recursive editing level because C-g
is used for discarding numeric arguments and partially typed commands
WITHIN the recursive editing level.
is used for canceling commands and arguments WITHIN the recursive
editing level.
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