Commit 28ac46f8 authored by John Paul Wallington's avatar John Paul Wallington
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(toplevel): Define `cl-assertion-failed' condition here because the

`assert' macro from the cl package signals it at runtime.
parent a3bc032f
......@@ -1831,6 +1831,12 @@ mode.")
This variable is meaningful on MS-DOG and Windows NT.
On those systems, it is automatically local in every buffer.
On other systems, this variable is normally always nil.")
;; The `assert' macro from the cl package signals
;; `cl-assertion-failed' at runtime so always define it.
(put 'cl-assertion-failed 'error-conditions '(error))
(put 'cl-assertion-failed 'error-message "Assertion failed")
;;;; Misc. useful functions.
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