Commit 28ceec49 authored by Simon Marshall's avatar Simon Marshall

clean code.

parent 2d63aa67
......@@ -1072,21 +1072,17 @@ selected frame."
(let* ((name (or (cdr (assq 'name parameters))
(cdr (assq 'name default-frame-alist))))
(x-resource-name name)
(res-geometry (if name (x-get-resource "geometry" "Geometry")))
(res-geometry (if name (x-get-resource "geometry" "Geometry"))))
(if res-geometry
(setq parsed (x-parse-geometry res-geometry))
(let ((parsed (x-parse-geometry res-geometry)))
;; If the resource specifies a position,
;; call the position and size "user-specified".
(if (or (assq 'top parsed) (assq 'left parsed))
(setq parsed (cons '(user-position . t)
(cons '(user-size . t) parsed))))
(setq parsed (append '((user-position . t) (user-size . t))
;; Put the geometry parameters at the end.
;; Copy default-frame-alist so that they go after it.
(setq parameters (append parameters
(setq parameters (append parameters default-frame-alist parsed)))))
(let (frame)
(if (null global-face-data)
(setq frame (x-create-frame parameters))
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