Commit 28d987ee authored by YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu's avatar YAMAMOTO Mitsuharu
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(dired.o, editfns.o, fileio.o): Depend on blockinput.h.

parent 28826fdb
......@@ -1108,7 +1108,7 @@ pre-crt0.o: pre-crt0.c
ecrt0.o: ecrt0.c $(config_h)
CRT0_COMPILE ${srcdir}/ecrt0.c
dired.o: dired.c commands.h buffer.h $(config_h) charset.h coding.h regex.h \
systime.h blockinput.h
dispnew.o: dispnew.c systty.h systime.h commands.h process.h frame.h \
window.h buffer.h dispextern.h termchar.h termopts.h termhooks.h cm.h \
disptab.h indent.h intervals.h \
......@@ -1119,12 +1119,12 @@ doprnt.o: doprnt.c charset.h $(config_h)
dosfns.o: buffer.h termchar.h termhooks.h frame.h blockinput.h window.h \
msdos.h dosfns.h dispextern.h charset.h coding.h $(config_h)
editfns.o: editfns.c window.h buffer.h systime.h $(INTERVAL_SRC) charset.h \
coding.h dispextern.h frame.h $(config_h)
coding.h dispextern.h frame.h blockinput.h $(config_h)
emacs.o: emacs.c commands.h systty.h syssignal.h blockinput.h process.h \
termhooks.h buffer.h atimer.h systime.h $(INTERVAL_SRC) $(config_h) \
window.h dispextern.h keyboard.h keymap.h
fileio.o: fileio.c window.h buffer.h systime.h $(INTERVAL_SRC) charset.h \
coding.h msdos.h dispextern.h $(config_h)
coding.h msdos.h dispextern.h blockinput.h $(config_h)
filelock.o: filelock.c buffer.h charset.h coding.h systime.h epaths.h $(config_h)
filemode.o: filemode.c $(config_h)
frame.o: frame.c xterm.h window.h frame.h termhooks.h commands.h keyboard.h \
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