Commit 28e271f0 authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov
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(blink-matching-open): Use `minibuffer-message' to

display messages in the minibuffer.
parent 744059ae
......@@ -5229,13 +5229,17 @@ it skips the contents of comments that end before point."
;; a matching-char info, in which case the two CDRs
;; should match.
(eq matching-paren (cdr (syntax-after (1- oldpos))))))
(message "Mismatched parentheses"))
(if (minibufferp)
(minibuffer-message " [Mismatched parentheses]")
(message "Mismatched parentheses")))
((not blinkpos)
(or blink-matching-paren-distance
;; Don't complain when `$' with no blinkpos, because it
;; could just be the first one typed in the buffer.
(message "Unmatched parenthesis")))
(if (minibufferp)
(minibuffer-message " [Unmatched parenthesis]")
(message "Unmatched parenthesis"))))
((pos-visible-in-window-p blinkpos)
;; Matching open within window, temporarily move to blinkpos but only
;; if `blink-matching-paren-on-screen' is non-nil.
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