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2000-08-16 Kenichi Handa <>
The following changes are mainly to fix bugs of
encode/decode-coding-string failing if encoding/decoding return
CODING_FINISH_INSUFFICIENT_DST. In addition, delete the global
variable conversion_buffer.
* ccl.c (CCL_WRITE_CHAR): If CH is eight-bit-control char,
decrement dst_end to avoid buffer overflow in the later call of
* coding.h (conversion_buffer_size, conversion_buffer)
(get_conversion_buffer): Extern deleted.
* coding.c (MINIMUM_CONVERSION_BUFFER_SIZE): Macro deleted.
(conversion_buffer, conversion_buffer_size): Variables deleted.
(get_conversion_buffer): Function deleted.
(struct conversion_buffer): New structure.
(MAX_ALLOCA): New macro.
(allocate_conversion_buffer): New macro.
(extend_conversion_buffer, free_conversion_buffer): New functions.
(ccl_coding_driver): Set coding->result.
(decode_coding): Set coding->result to CODING_FINISH_NORMAL if
this is the last block of source.
(encode_coding): Likewise. Handle the source block as the last
one only when the whole source text is consumed.
(decode_coding_string): Handle the case that the output buffer is
too small to decode the whole source text. Use
allocate_conversion_buffer, extend_conversion_buffer and
free_conversion_buffer, not get_conversion_buffer.
(encode_coding_string): Likewise.
(init_coding): Function deleted.
(init_coding_once): Delete code to initialize
* emacs.c (main): Don't call init_coding.
* msdos.c (IT_write_glyphs): Use a locally declared
* term.c (write_glyphs): Use a locally declared conversion_buffer.
(insert_glyphs): Likewise.
* w32console.c (write_glyphs): Use a locally declared
2000-08-15 Eli Zaretskii <>
* msdos.c (IT_update_begin): Don't crash if mouse_face_mouse_frame
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