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......@@ -1313,7 +1313,7 @@
* lisp/url-about.el (url-about): New loader scheme to handle
about:foo URLs. Automatically tries to find a `url-about-foo'
function to display the actual data.
(url-about-protocols): Implement about:protocols
(url-about-protocols): Implement about:protocols.
* lisp/url-http.el (url-http): Make sure that we signal an error
when we cannot open a network connection for whatever reason.
......@@ -1660,11 +1660,11 @@
2001-01-03 Sam Steingold <>
* lisp/url-http.el (url-http-wait-for-headers-change-function):
set `url-http-end-of-headers' to 0 for HTTP 0.9
set `url-http-end-of-headers' to 0 for HTTP 0.9.
2001-01-02 Sam Steingold <>
* lisp/url-auth.el (provide): `url-auth', not `urlauth'
* lisp/url-auth.el (provide): `url-auth', not `urlauth'.
2000-12-22 Dave Love <>
......@@ -1752,7 +1752,7 @@
IRC URL so people don't think I'm crazy.
* Checks to make sure that Gnus was found, since we
HAVE to have it now. Removed conditional compilation of url-cid.el
HAVE to have it now. Removed conditional compilation of url-cid.el.
1999-12-16 Eric Marsden <>
......@@ -1836,7 +1836,7 @@
1999-12-06 William M. Perry <>
* lisp/mule-sysdp.el (mule-code-convert-region): Deal with Mule
4.1 gracefully
4.1 gracefully.
* lisp/url-news.el: Reimplemented news and nntp URL support.
No longer bothers to check for outdated Gnus versions, since this
......@@ -1862,7 +1862,7 @@
as well as efs.
(url-file): Add default content-type of application/octet-stream if
none known.
(url-file): Correct bad call to url-host-is-local-p
(url-file): Correct bad call to url-host-is-local-p.
* lisp/url-handlers.el (url-insert-file-contents): Emacs doesn't
like buffer-substring with nil arguments.
......@@ -1878,7 +1878,7 @@
(url-scheme-get-property): Use it when we load a URL scheme for
the first time.
* lisp/url-util.el (url-get-url-at-point): Re-integrated
* lisp/url-util.el (url-get-url-at-point): Re-integrated.
1999-12-04 William M. Perry <>
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