Commit 29512a0f authored by Stefan Monnier's avatar Stefan Monnier
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(custom-group-of-mode): New fun.

(custom-load-symbol): Don't use preloaded-file-list now that
load-history is always complete.  Don't look up the expanded file
name in load-history (looked like an XEmacsism).
parent a1038ca0
......@@ -231,7 +231,7 @@ The following keywords are meaningful:
in customization menus and buffers.
:load FILE
Load file FILE (a string) before displaying this customization
item. Loading is done with `load-library', and only if the file is
item. Loading is done with `load', and only if the file is
not already loaded.
:set-after VARIABLE
Specifies that SYMBOL should be set after VARIABLE when
......@@ -379,6 +379,17 @@ If there already is an entry for OPTION and WIDGET, nothing is done."
(unless (member entry members)
(put group 'custom-group (nconc members (list entry))))))
(defun custom-group-of-mode (mode)
"Return the custom group corresponding to the major or minor MODE.
If no such group is found, return nil."
(or (get mode 'custom-mode-group)
(if (or (get mode 'custom-group)
(and (string-match "-mode\\'" (symbol-name mode))
(get (setq mode (intern (substring (symbol-name mode)
0 (match-beginning 0))))
;;; Properties.
(defun custom-handle-all-keywords (symbol args type)
......@@ -472,38 +483,27 @@ LOAD should be either a library file name, or a feature name."
(defun custom-load-symbol (symbol)
"Load all dependencies for SYMBOL."
(unless custom-load-recursion
(let ((custom-load-recursion t)
(loads (get symbol 'custom-loads))
(while loads
(setq load (car loads)
loads (cdr loads))
(cond ((symbolp load)
(condition-case nil
(require load)
(error nil)))
;; Don't reload a file already loaded.
((and (boundp 'preloaded-file-list)
(member load preloaded-file-list)))
(let ((custom-load-recursion t))
(dolist (load (get symbol 'custom-loads))
(cond ((symbolp load) (condition-case nil (require load) (error nil)))
;; This is subsumed by the test below, but it's much faster.
((assoc load load-history))
;; This was just (assoc (locate-library load) load-history)
;; but has been optimized not to load locate-library
;; if not necessary.
((let (found (regexp (regexp-quote load)))
((let ((regexp (concat "\\(\\`\\|/\\)" (regexp-quote load)
(found nil))
(dolist (loaded load-history)
(and (stringp (car loaded))
(string-match regexp (car loaded))
(eq (locate-library load) (car loaded))
(setq found t)))
;; Without this, we would load cus-edit recursively.
;; We are still loading it when we call this,
;; and it is not in load-history yet.
((equal load "cus-edit"))
(condition-case nil
(load-library load)
(error nil))))))))
(t (condition-case nil (load load) (error nil))))))))
;;; Initializing.
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