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Improve documentation of a recent commit

* etc/NEWS: Fix the description of 'shell-command-width'.
Mark the entry as not needing the manual update.

* lisp/simple.el (shell-command-width): Doc fix.  (Bug#35055)
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......@@ -1066,8 +1066,9 @@ variable for remote shells. It still defaults to "/bin/sh".
** Single shell commands
*** 'shell-command-width' defines the number of output columns
for asynchronous shell command.
*** 'shell-command-width' defines the number of display columns
available for output of asynchronous shell commands.
** Pcomplete
......@@ -3352,9 +3352,10 @@ is output."
:version "26.1")
(defcustom shell-command-width nil
"Number of columns available for asynchronous shell command output.
"Number of display columns available for asynchronous shell command output.
If nil, use the shell default number (usually 80 columns).
If a positive integer, use a fixed width for command output."
If a positive integer, tell the shell to use that number of columns for
command output."
:type '(choice (const :tag "Use system limit" nil)
(integer :tag "Fixed width" :value 80))
:group 'shell
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