Commit 29cf3e20 authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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Rename src/unexec.c => src/unexcoff.c.

 src/unexcoff.c: Renamed from unexec.c.
 src/ (unexcoff.o): Rename unexec.[co] => unexcoff.[co]. (UNEXEC_OBJ): Rename unexec.o => unexcoff.o.
 admin/MAINTAINERS: Rename src/unexec.c => src/unexcoff.c.
 etc/AUTHORS: Rename unexec.o => unexcoff.o.
 etc/PROBLEMS: Rename unexec.o => unex*.o.
 lisp/emacs-lisp/find-gc.el (find-gc-source-files): Rename
 unexec.c => unexcoff.c.
 lisp/emacs-lisp/authors.el (authors-fixed-entries): Rename
 unexec.c => unexcoff.c.
 msdos/sed1v2.inp (UNEXEC_OBJ): Edit to unexcoff.o, due to renaming of
 unexec.c => unexcoff.c.
parent bbb6ffa1
2010-08-05 Eli Zaretskii <>
* (UNEXEC_OBJ): Rename unexec.o => unexcoff.o.
2010-08-04 Andreas Schwab <>
* Restore accidentally removed use of
2010-08-05 Eli Zaretskii <>
* MAINTAINERS: Rename src/unexec.c => src/unexcoff.c.
2010-07-24 Christoph Scholtes <>
* admin.el: Write version number to nt/makefile.w32-in.
......@@ -883,7 +883,7 @@ AC_SUBST(CANNOT_DUMP)
case "$opsys" in
# MSDOS uses unexec.o
# MSDOS uses unexcoff.o
# MSWindows uses unexw32.o
......@@ -1042,7 +1042,7 @@ and changed nndoc.el allout.el bytecomp.el gnus-sum.el gnus-util.el
François-David Collin: changed message.el mm-decode.el
Fred Fish: changed linux.h unexec.c
Fred Fish: changed linux.h unexcoff.c
Fred Oberhauser: changed nnmail.el
......@@ -1273,7 +1273,7 @@ Inge Wallin: co-wrote avl-tree.el ewoc.el
Inoue Seiichiro: changed xterm.c xfns.c xterm.h
International Business Machines: changed emacs.c fileio.c process.c
sysdep.c unexec.c
sysdep.c unexcoff.c
Irie Tetsuya: changed gnus.texi message.texi
......@@ -1334,7 +1334,7 @@ James TD Smith: changed org.el org-colview.el org-clock.el
James Troup: changed gnus-sum.el
James Van Artsdalen: changed unexec.c usg5-4.h
James Van Artsdalen: changed unexcoff.c usg5-4.h
James Wright: changed em-unix.el
......@@ -2176,7 +2176,7 @@ and changed tramp.texi dbusbind.c dbus.texi ange-ftp.el trampver.el
simple.el vc.el dired.el and 50 other files
Michael Ben-Gershon: changed acorn.h riscix1-1.h riscix1-2.h
Michael D. Ernst: wrote reposition.el
and changed dired-x.el uniquify.el ispell.el bibtex.el rmail.el dired.el
......@@ -2200,7 +2200,7 @@ Michael I. Bushnell: changed rmail.el simple.el callproc.c gnu.h gnus.el
Michael K. Johnson: changed emacs.c intel386.h linux.h
mem-limits.h process.c sysdep.c syssignal.h systty.h template.h
Michael Kifer: wrote ediff-diff.el ediff-help.el ediff-hook.el
ediff-init.el ediff-merg.el ediff-mult.el ediff-ptch.el ediff-util.el
......@@ -2259,7 +2259,7 @@ and changed gnus-score.el
Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation: changed
emacsclient.c etags.c lisp.h movemail.c rmail.el rmailedit.el
rmailkwd.el rmailmsc.el rmailout.el rmailsum.el scribe.el server.el
sysdep.c unexec.c xmenu.c
sysdep.c unexcoff.c xmenu.c
Mikael Djurfeldt: changed xdisp.c
......@@ -2685,7 +2685,7 @@ and changed files.el keyboard.c simple.el xterm.c xdisp.c
Richard Mlynarik: wrote cl-indent.el ebuff-menu.el ehelp.el rfc822.el
terminal.el yow.el
and changed files.el sysdep.c rmail.el info.el keyboard.c bytecomp.el
fileio.c simple.el process.c startup.el window.c editfns.c unexec.c
fileio.c simple.el process.c startup.el window.c editfns.c unexcoff.c
xfns.c keymap.c minibuf.c sendmail.el buffer.c dispnew.c emacs.c
subr.el and 129 other files
......@@ -2921,7 +2921,7 @@ Slawomir Nowaczyk: changed python.el flyspell.el
ls-lisp.el w32proc.c
Spencer Thomas: changed dabbrev.el emacsclient.c gnus.texi server.el
Sriram Karra: changed message.el
2010-08-05 Eli Zaretskii <>
* AUTHORS: Rename unexec.o => unexcoff.o.
* PROBLEMS: Rename unexec.o => unexcoff.o.
2010-07-31 Eli Zaretskii <>
* tutorials/TUTORIAL.he: New file.
......@@ -2740,7 +2740,7 @@ build Emacs in a directory on a local disk.
Two causes have been seen for such problems.
1) On a system where getpagesize is not a system call, it is defined
as a macro. If the definition (in both unexec.c and malloc.c) is wrong,
as a macro. If the definition (in both unex*.c and malloc.c) is wrong,
it can cause problems like this. You might be able to find the correct
value in the man page for a.out (5).
2010-08-05 Eli Zaretskii <>
* emacs-lisp/find-gc.el (find-gc-source-files): Rename
unexec.c => unexcoff.c.
* emacs-lisp/authors.el (authors-fixed-entries): Rename
unexec.c => unexcoff.c.
2010-08-05 Michael Albinus <>
* net/tramp.el (tramp-handle-dired-uncache): Flush directory
......@@ -354,7 +354,7 @@ Changes to files in this list are not listed.")
;; No longer distributed.
;;; ("Viktor Dukhovni" :wrote "unexsunos4.c")
("Paul Eggert" :wrote "rcs2log" "vcdiff")
("Fred Fish" :changed "unexec.c")
("Fred Fish" :changed "unexcoff.c")
;; No longer distributed.
;;; ("Tim Fleehart" :wrote "makefile.nt")
("Keith Gabryelski" :wrote "hexl.c")
......@@ -377,13 +377,13 @@ Changes to files in this list are not listed.")
"indent.c" "search.c" "xdisp.c" "region-cache.c" "region-cache.h")
;; ibmrt.h, ibmrt-aix.h no longer distributed.
("International Business Machines" :changed "emacs.c" "fileio.c"
"process.c" "sysdep.c" "unexec.c")
"process.c" "sysdep.c" "unexcoff.c")
;; No longer distributed.
;;; ("Ishikawa Chiaki" :changed "aviion.h" "dgux.h")
;; ymakefile no longer distributed.
("Michael K. Johnson" :changed "" "emacs.c" "intel386.h"
"mem-limits.h" "process.c" "template.h" "sysdep.c" "syssignal.h"
"systty.h" "unexec.c" "linux.h")
"systty.h" "unexcoff.c" "linux.h")
;; No longer distributed.
;;; ("Kyle Jones" :wrote "mldrag.el")
("Henry Kautz" :wrote "bib-mode.el")
......@@ -408,7 +408,7 @@ Changes to files in this list are not listed.")
"rmail.el" "rmailedit.el" "rmailkwd.el"
"rmailmsc.el" "rmailout.el" "rmailsum.el" "scribe.el"
;; It was :wrote for xmenu.c, but it has been rewritten since.
"server.el" "lisp.h" "sysdep.c" "unexec.c" "xmenu.c")
"server.el" "lisp.h" "sysdep.c" "unexcoff.c" "xmenu.c")
("Niall Mansfield" :changed "etags.c")
("Brian Marick" :cowrote "hideif.el")
("Marko Kohtala" :changed "info.el")
......@@ -463,9 +463,9 @@ Changes to files in this list are not listed.")
("Kayvan Sylvan" :changed "supercite.el")
;; No longer distributed: emacsserver.c, tcp.c.
("Spencer Thomas" :changed "emacsclient.c" "server.el"
"dabbrev.el" "unexec.c" "gnus.texi")
"dabbrev.el" "unexcoff.c" "gnus.texi")
("Jonathan Vail" :changed "vc.el")
("James Van Artsdalen" :changed "usg5-4.h" "unexec.c")
("James Van Artsdalen" :changed "usg5-4.h" "unexcoff.c")
;; No longer distributed: src/makefile.nt, lisp/makefile.nt
;; winnt.el renamed to w32-fns.el; nt.[ch] to w32.[ch];
;; ntheap.[ch] to w32heap.[ch]; ntinevt.c to w32inevt.c;
......@@ -60,7 +60,7 @@ Each entry has the form (FUNCTION . FUNCTIONS-IT-CALLS).")
"indent.c" "search.c" "regex.c" "undo.c"
"alloc.c" "data.c" "doc.c" "editfns.c"
"callint.c" "eval.c" "fns.c" "print.c" "lread.c"
"abbrev.c" "syntax.c" "unexec.c"
"abbrev.c" "syntax.c" "unexcoff.c"
"bytecode.c" "process.c" "callproc.c" "doprnt.c"
"x11term.c" "x11fns.c"))
2010-08-05 Eli Zaretskii <>
* sed1v2.inp (UNEXEC_OBJ): Edit to unexcoff.o, due to renaming of
unexec.c => unexcoff.c.
2010-07-29 Chad Brown <>
* sed2v2.inp (HAVE_DIRENT_H): Edit to 1.
......@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@ s/\.h\.in/.h-in/
/^RALLOC_OBJ *=/s/@RALLOC_OBJ@/ralloc.o/
/^PRE_ALLOC_OBJ *=/s/@PRE_ALLOC_OBJ@/lastfile.o/
/^POST_ALLOC_OBJ *=/s/@POST_ALLOC_OBJ@/$(vmlimitobj)/
/^UNEXEC_OBJ *=/s/@UNEXEC_OBJ@/unexec.o/
/^UNEXEC_OBJ *=/s/@UNEXEC_OBJ@/unexcoff.o/
2010-08-05 Eli Zaretskii <>
* (unexcoff.o): Rename unexec.[co] => unexcoff.[co].
* unexcoff.c: Renamed from unexec.c.
2010-08-04 Stefan Monnier <>
* sysdep.c (child_setup_tty): Comment-out left-over non-ICANON code.
......@@ -190,7 +190,7 @@ undo.o: undo.c buffer.h commands.h window.h dispextern.h lisp.h $(config_h)
unexaix.o: unexaix.c lisp.h $(config_h)
unexalpha.o: unexalpha.c $(config_h)
unexcw.o: unexcw.c lisp.h $(config_h)
unexec.o: unexec.c lisp.h $(config_h)
unexcoff.o: unexcoff.c lisp.h $(config_h)
unexelf.o: unexelf.c $(config_h)
unexhp9k800.o: unexhp9k800.c $(config_h)
unexmacosx.o: unexmacosx.c $(config_h)
......@@ -18,12 +18,19 @@ along with GNU Emacs. If not, see <>. */
* unexec.c - Convert a running program into an a.out file.
* unexcoff.c - Convert a running program into an a.out or COFF file.
* ==================================================================
* Note: This file is currently used only by the MSDOS (a.k.a. DJGPP)
* build of Emacs. If you are not interested in the MSDOS build, you
* are looking at the wrong version of unexec!
* ==================================================================
* Author: Spencer W. Thomas
* Computer Science Dept.
* University of Utah
* Date: Tue Mar 2 1982
* Originally under the name unexec.c.
* Modified heavily since then.
* Synopsis:
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