Commit 29e16385 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Fforward_word): Argument changed to optional. Set default value to 1.

parent 2a6f12e2
......@@ -1277,21 +1277,25 @@ scan_words (from, count)
return from;
DEFUN ("forward-word", Fforward_word, Sforward_word, 1, 1, "p",
DEFUN ("forward-word", Fforward_word, Sforward_word, 0, 1, "p",
doc: /* Move point forward ARG words (backward if ARG is negative).
Normally returns t.
If an edge of the buffer or a field boundary is reached, point is left there
and the function returns nil. Field boundaries are not noticed if
`inhibit-field-text-motion' is non-nil. */)
Lisp_Object count;
Lisp_Object arg;
int orig_val, val;
val = orig_val = scan_words (PT, XINT (count));
if (NILP (arg))
val = orig_val = scan_words (PT, XINT (arg));
if (! orig_val)
val = XINT (count) > 0 ? ZV : BEGV;
val = XINT (arg) > 0 ? ZV : BEGV;
/* Avoid jumping out of an input field. */
val = XFASTINT (Fconstrain_to_field (make_number (val), make_number (PT),
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