Commit 29fc44dd authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer
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(blink-matching-paren-on-screen): New variable.

(blink-matching-open): Obey it.

(shell-command-on-region): If current buffer is
*Shell Command Output*, use the replacement case.
parent b55535f3
......@@ -865,7 +865,8 @@ In either case, the output is inserted after point (leaving mark after it)."
(if (or replace
(and output-buffer
(not (or (bufferp output-buffer) (stringp output-buffer)))))
(not (or (bufferp output-buffer) (stringp output-buffer))))
(equal (buffer-name (current-buffer)) "*Shell Command Output*"))
;; Replace specified region with output from command.
(let ((swap (and replace (< start end))))
;; Don't muck with mark unless REPLACE says we should.
......@@ -2610,6 +2611,11 @@ in the mode line."
(defvar blink-matching-paren t
"*Non-nil means show matching open-paren when close-paren is inserted.")
(defvar blink-matching-paren-on-screen t
"*Non-nil means show matching open-paren when it is on screen.
nil means don't show it (but the open-paren can still be shown
when it is off screen.")
(defconst blink-matching-paren-distance 12000
"*If non-nil, is maximum distance to search for matching open-paren.")
......@@ -2657,7 +2663,8 @@ in the mode line."
(goto-char blinkpos)
(if (pos-visible-in-window-p)
(sit-for blink-matching-delay)
(and blink-matching-paren-on-screen
(sit-for blink-matching-delay))
(goto-char blinkpos)
"Matches %s"
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