Commit 2a0c538b authored by Juri Linkov's avatar Juri Linkov
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(eval-defun-1): Remove unnecessary quotes.

parent 383168ec
......@@ -631,10 +631,10 @@ Reinitialize the face according to the `defface' specification."
;; Resetting `saved-face' temporarily to nil is needed to let
;; `defface' change the spec, regardless of a saved spec.
(prog1 `(prog1 ,form
(put ',(eval (nth 1 form)) 'saved-face
(put ,(nth 1 form) 'saved-face
',(get (eval (nth 1 form)) 'saved-face))
(put ',(eval (nth 1 form)) 'customized-face
',(eval (nth 2 form))))
(put ,(nth 1 form) 'customized-face
,(nth 2 form)))
(put (eval (nth 1 form)) 'saved-face nil)))
((eq (car form) 'progn)
(cons 'progn (mapcar 'eval-defun-1 (cdr form))))
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