Commit 2a1cf2b9 authored by Bill Wohler's avatar Bill Wohler
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(VERSION, EDITION, UPDATED, UPDATE-MONTH): Update for release 8.2.

parent 85b438b7
2009-06-13 Bill Wohler <>
Release MH-E manual version 8.2.
release 8.2.
2009-06-13 Glenn Morris <>
* faq.texi: Remove the term "on-line" (meaning "Info") throughout, since
......@@ -8,12 +8,12 @@
@c %**end of header
@c Version of the software and manual.
@set VERSION 8.1
@set VERSION 8.2
@c Edition of the manual. It is either empty for the first edition or
@c has the form ", nth Edition" (without the quotes).
@set EDITION , 2nd Edition
@set UPDATED 2009-01-23
@set UPDATE-MONTH January, 2009
@set UPDATED 2009-06-13
@set UPDATE-MONTH June, 2009
@c Other variables.
......@@ -3412,6 +3412,10 @@ Hook run by @code{mh-folder-mode} when visiting a new folder (default:
Abnormal hook run at the beginning of @code{mh-kill-folder} (default:
@c -------------------------
@item mh-pack-folder-hook
Hook run by @code{mh-pack-folder} after renumbering the messages
(default: @code{nil}).
@c -------------------------
@item mh-quit-hook
Hook run by q after quitting MH-E (default: @code{nil}).
@c -------------------------
......@@ -3728,6 +3732,13 @@ to rescan the folder, which is useful to grab all messages in your
you don't want to rescan the entire folder, the commands @kbd{F r} or
@kbd{F p} will accept a range (@pxref{Ranges}).
@kindex F p
@vindex mh-pack-folder-hook
The command @kbd{F p} runs @code{mh-pack-folder-hook} after
renumbering the messages. A variable that is useful with this hook
is @code{mh-current-folder}.
@kindex @key{TAB}
@vindex mh-recursive-folders-flag
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