Commit 2a3f604d authored by Lars Hansen's avatar Lars Hansen
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(Info-restore-desktop-buffer): Delete with-no-warnings.

parent 608c2ea2
2004-04-22 Lars Hansen <>
* info.el (Info-restore-desktop-buffer): Delete with-no-warnings.
* mh-e/mh-e.el (mh-restore-desktop-buffer): Delete with-no-warnings.
2004-04-22 Kim F. Storm <>
* net/telnet.el (telnet): Add optional port arg.
......@@ -3724,8 +3724,7 @@ BUFFER is the buffer speedbar is requesting buttons for."
(let ((first (nth 0 desktop-buffer-misc))
(second (nth 1 desktop-buffer-misc)))
(when (and first second)
(Info-find-node first second))
(Info-find-node first second)
(provide 'info)
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