Commit 2a43515a authored by Chong Yidong's avatar Chong Yidong
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* image-mode.el (image-mode-fit-frame): Add a frame argument.

Suggested by Drew Adams.  Handle window decorations;
save and restore the old window configuration.

Fixes: debbugs:7730
parent b3fbb395
......@@ -109,6 +109,13 @@ amounts of data into the ERC input.
*** The icomplete-separator is customizable, and its default has changed.
*** Removed icomplete-show-key-bindings.
** Image mode
*** The command `image-mode-fit-frame' deletes other windows.
When toggling, it restores the frame's previous window configuration.
It also has an optional frame argument, which can be used by Lisp
callers to fit the image to a frame other than the selected frame.
** Isearch
*** `C-x 8 RET' in Isearch mode reads a character by its Unicode name
2013-01-19 Chong Yidong <>
* image-mode.el (image-mode-fit-frame): Add a frame argument.
Suggested by Drew Adams (Bug#7730). Handle window decorations;
save and restore the old window configuration.
2013-01-18 Leo Liu <>
* progmodes/js.el: Tweak autoload cookie for alias.
......@@ -278,28 +278,50 @@ stopping if the top or bottom edge of the image is reached."
;; Adjust frame and image size.
(defun image-mode-fit-frame ()
"Toggle whether to fit the frame to the current image.
This function assumes the current frame has only one window."
;; FIXME: This does not take into account decorations like mode-line,
;; minibuffer, header-line, ...
(let* ((saved (frame-parameter nil 'image-mode-saved-size))
(defun image-mode-fit-frame (&optional frame toggle)
"Fit FRAME to the current image.
If FRAME is omitted or nil, it defaults to the selected frame.
All other windows on the frame are deleted.
If called interactively, or if TOGGLE is non-nil, toggle between
fitting FRAME to the current image and restoring the size and
window configuration prior to the last `image-mode-fit-frame'
(interactive (list nil t))
(let* ((buffer (current-buffer))
(display (image-get-display-property))
(size (image-display-size display)))
(if (and saved
(eq (caar saved) (frame-width))
(eq (cdar saved) (frame-height)))
(progn ;; Toggle back to previous non-fitted size.
(set-frame-parameter nil 'image-mode-saved-size nil)
(setq size (cdr saved)))
;; Round up size, and save current size so we can toggle back to it.
(setcar size (ceiling (car size)))
(setcdr size (ceiling (cdr size)))
(set-frame-parameter nil 'image-mode-saved-size
(cons size (cons (frame-width) (frame-height)))))
(set-frame-width (selected-frame) (car size))
(set-frame-height (selected-frame) (cdr size))))
(size (image-display-size display))
(saved (frame-parameter frame 'image-mode-saved-params))
(window-configuration (current-window-configuration frame))
(width (frame-width frame))
(height (frame-height frame)))
(with-selected-frame (or frame (selected-frame))
(if (and toggle saved
(= (caar saved) width)
(= (cdar saved) height))
(set-frame-width frame (car (nth 1 saved)))
(set-frame-height frame (cdr (nth 1 saved)))
(set-window-configuration (nth 2 saved))
(set-frame-parameter frame 'image-mode-saved-params nil))
(switch-to-buffer buffer t t)
(let* ((edges (window-inside-edges))
(inner-width (- (nth 2 edges) (nth 0 edges)))
(inner-height (- (nth 3 edges) (nth 1 edges))))
(set-frame-width frame (+ (ceiling (car size))
width (- inner-width)))
(set-frame-height frame (+ (ceiling (cdr size))
height (- inner-height)))
;; The frame size after the above `set-frame-*' calls may
;; differ from what we specified, due to window manager
;; interference. We have to call `frame-width' and
;; `frame-height' to get the actual results.
(set-frame-parameter frame 'image-mode-saved-params
(list (cons (frame-width)
(cons width height)
;;; Image Mode setup
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