Commit 2a80c887 authored by Paul Eggert's avatar Paul Eggert
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* fns.c (require_nesting_list, require_unwind): Now static.

parent a885e2ed
2011-03-16 Paul Eggert <>
* fns.c (require_nesting_list, require_unwind): Now static.
* floatfns.c (domain_error2): Define only if needed.
(Ffrexp, Fldexp): Rename locals to avoid shadowing.
......@@ -2598,9 +2598,9 @@ particular subfeatures supported in this version of FEATURE. */)
/* List of features currently being require'd, innermost first. */
Lisp_Object require_nesting_list;
static Lisp_Object require_nesting_list;
static Lisp_Object
require_unwind (Lisp_Object old_value)
return require_nesting_list = old_value;
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