Commit 2a90cd71 authored by Dave Love's avatar Dave Love
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Test PROTOTYPES as well as __STDC__.

parent 14977fea
......@@ -412,15 +412,15 @@ typedef struct
unfortunately clutters up the declarations a bit, but I think it's
worth it. */
#if __STDC__
#if defined __STDC__ || defined PROTOTYPES
#define _RE_ARGS(args) args
#else /* not __STDC__ */
#else /* not __STDC__ || PROTOTYPES */
#define _RE_ARGS(args) ()
#endif /* not __STDC__ */
#endif /* not __STDC__ || PROTOTYPES */
/* Sets the current default syntax to SYNTAX, and return the old syntax.
You can also simply assign to the `re_syntax_options' variable. */
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