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mention C-q

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2006-06-19 Karl Berry <>
* info.texi (Advanced): mention C-q, especially with ?.
2006-06-19 Carsten Dominik <>
* org.texi (Publishing links): Document the `:link-validation-function'
......@@ -918,6 +918,15 @@ are using a stand-alone Info reader, there are additional commands
specific to it, which are documented in several chapters of @ref{Top,,
GNU Info, info-stnd, GNU Info}.)
@kindex C-q @r{(Info mode)}
One advanced command useful with most of the others described here
is @kbd{C-q}, which ``quotes'' the next character so that it is
entered literally (@pxref{Inserting Text,,,emacs,The GNU Emacs
Manual}). For example, pressing @kbd{?} ordinarily brings up a list
of completion possibilities. If you want to (for example) search for
an actual @samp{?} character, the simplest way is to insert it using
@kbd{C-q ?}. This works the same in Emacs and stand-alone Info.
* Search Text:: How to search Info documents.
* Search Index:: How to search the indices for specific subjects.
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