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Minor manual changes changes

* doc/emacs/misc.texi (FFAP): Complete commands.
(Amusements): Add some @cindex entries.  Add "M-x butterfly".
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......@@ -2871,33 +2871,33 @@ functionality in Rmail, Gnus and VM article buffers.
@kindex C-x C-f @r{(FFAP)}
Find @var{filename}, guessing a default from text around point
@item C-x C-r
@item C-x C-r @var{filename} @key{RET}
@kindex C-x C-r @r{(FFAP)}
@code{ffap-read-only}, analogous to @code{find-file-read-only}.
@item C-x C-v
@item C-x C-v @var{filename} @key{RET}
@kindex C-x C-v @r{(FFAP)}
@code{ffap-alternate-file}, analogous to @code{find-alternate-file}.
@item C-x d @var{directory} @key{RET}
@kindex C-x d @r{(FFAP)}
Start Dired on @var{directory}, defaulting to the directory at
point (@code{dired-at-point}).
@item C-x C-d
@item C-x C-d @var{directory} @key{RET}
@code{ffap-list-directory}, analogous to @code{list-directory}.
@item C-x 4 f
@item C-x 4 f @var{filename} @key{RET}
@kindex C-x 4 f @r{(FFAP)}
@code{ffap-other-window}, analogous to @code{find-file-other-window}.
@item C-x 4 r
@item C-x 4 r @var{filename} @key{RET}
@code{ffap-read-only-other-window}, analogous to
@item C-x 4 d
@item C-x 4 d @var{directory} @key{RET}
@code{ffap-dired-other-window}, like @code{dired-other-window}.
@item C-x 5 f
@item C-x 5 f @var{filename} @key{RET}
@kindex C-x 5 f @r{(FFAP)}
@code{ffap-other-frame}, analogous to @code{find-file-other-frame}.
@item C-x 5 r
@item C-x 5 r @var{filename} @key{RET}
@code{ffap-read-only-other-frame}, analogous to
@item C-x 5 d
@item C-x 5 d @var{directory} @key{RET}
@code{ffap-dired-other-frame}, analogous to @code{dired-other-frame}.
@item M-x ffap-next
Search buffer for next file name or URL, then find that file or URL.
......@@ -2914,6 +2914,7 @@ find the one you select (@code{ffap-menu}).
@node Amusements
@section Games and Other Amusements
@cindex boredom
@cindex games
@findex animate-birthday-present
@cindex animate
......@@ -2932,6 +2933,7 @@ guess---to guess a value, type a letter and then the digit you think it
stands for. The aim of @code{5x5} is to fill in all the squares.
@findex bubbles
@cindex bubbles
@kbd{M-x bubbles} is a game in which the object is to remove as many
bubbles as you can in the smallest number of moves.
......@@ -2956,6 +2958,7 @@ character. Keep dissociwords out of your documentation, if you want
it to be well userenced and properbose.
@findex dunnet
@cindex dunnet
@kbd{M-x dunnet} runs a text-based adventure game.
@findex gomoku
......@@ -2998,9 +3001,15 @@ implementations of the well-known Pong, Snake and Tetris games.
across other pegs.
@findex zone
@cindex zone
The command @kbd{M-x zone} plays games with the display when Emacs
is idle.
@findex butterfly
@cindex butterfly
Real Programmers™ deploy @kbd{M-x butterfly}, which uses butterflies
to flip a bit on the drive platter, see @uref{}.
@findex doctor
@cindex Eliza
Finally, if you find yourself frustrated, try describing your
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