Commit 2ae6a918 authored by Roland McGrath's avatar Roland McGrath
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(visit-tags-table-buffer): When propagating a change of name after

file-find-noselect, refer to tags-file-name, not the undefined var FILE.
parent bf349f36
......@@ -416,7 +416,7 @@ Returns t if it visits a tags table, or nil if there are no more in the list."
(or (string= tags-file-name buffer-file-name)
;; find-file-noselect has changed the file name.
;; Propagate the change to tags-file-name and tags-table-list.
(let ((tail (member file tags-table-list)))
(let ((tail (member tags-file-name tags-table-list)))
(if tail
(setcar tail buffer-file-name))
(setq tags-file-name buffer-file-name)))
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