Commit 2ae6c6b5 authored by Alan Mackenzie's avatar Alan Mackenzie
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Set of changes so that "obtrusive" syntactic elements in a C/C++/ObjC

preprocessor line (e.g. an unbalanced string quote or unmatched paren)
don't interact syntactically with stuff outside the CPP line.
(c-cpp-matchers): Make it put regexp parens around "error\\|warning".
parent c8018ede
......@@ -394,14 +394,14 @@ stuff. Used on level 1 and higher."
`(;; The stuff after #error and #warning is a message, so
;; fontify it as a string.
,@(when (c-lang-const c-cpp-message-directives)
(let* ((re (c-make-keywords-re nil
(let* ((re (c-make-keywords-re 'appendable ; nil
(c-lang-const c-cpp-message-directives)))
(re-depth (regexp-opt-depth re)))
`((,(concat noncontinued-line-end
(c-lang-const c-opt-cpp-prefix)
"\\s +\\(.*\\)$")
,(+ ncle-depth re-depth 1) font-lock-string-face))))
,(+ ncle-depth re-depth 1) font-lock-string-face t))))
;; Fontify filenames in #include <...> as strings.
,@(when (c-lang-const c-cpp-include-directives)
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