Commit 2b0cb8b1 authored by Ken Brown's avatar Ken Brown
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* src/gmalloc.c (_malloc_mutex, _aligned_blocks_mutex) [CYGWIN]: Use...

* src/gmalloc.c (_malloc_mutex, _aligned_blocks_mutex) [CYGWIN]: Use ERRORCHECK mutexes.  (Bug#18222)
parent 727f37e6
2014-08-11 Ken Brown <>
* gmalloc.c (_malloc_mutex, _aligned_blocks_mutex) [CYGWIN]: Use
ERRORCHECK mutexes. (Bug#18222)
2014-08-11 Glenn Morris <>
* fileio.c: Revert 2013-01-31 change, which chose coding system for
......@@ -490,8 +490,18 @@ register_heapinfo (void)
/* On Cygwin prior to 1.7.31, pthread_mutexes were ERRORCHECK mutexes
by default. When the default changed to NORMAL in Cygwin-1.7.31,
deadlocks occurred (bug#18222). As a temporary workaround, we
explicitly set the mutexes to be of ERRORCHECK type, restoring the
previous behavior. */
#ifdef CYGWIN
pthread_mutex_t _malloc_mutex = PTHREAD_ERRORCHECK_MUTEX_INITIALIZER_NP;
pthread_mutex_t _aligned_blocks_mutex = PTHREAD_ERRORCHECK_MUTEX_INITIALIZER_NP;
#else /* not CYGWIN */
pthread_mutex_t _malloc_mutex = PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER;
pthread_mutex_t _aligned_blocks_mutex = PTHREAD_MUTEX_INITIALIZER;
#endif /* not CYGWIN */
int _malloc_thread_enabled_p;
static void
......@@ -526,14 +536,23 @@ malloc_enable_thread (void)
initialized mutexes when they are used first. To avoid such a
situation, we initialize mutexes here while their use is
disabled in malloc etc. */
#ifdef CYGWIN
/* Use ERRORCHECK mutexes; see comment above. */
pthread_mutexattr_t attr;
pthread_mutexattr_init (&attr);
pthread_mutexattr_settype (&attr, PTHREAD_MUTEX_ERRORCHECK);
pthread_mutex_init (&_malloc_mutex, &attr);
pthread_mutex_init (&_aligned_blocks_mutex, &attr);
#else /* not CYGWIN */
pthread_mutex_init (&_malloc_mutex, NULL);
pthread_mutex_init (&_aligned_blocks_mutex, NULL);
#endif /* not CYGWIN */
pthread_atfork (malloc_atfork_handler_prepare,
_malloc_thread_enabled_p = 1;
#endif /* USE_PTHREAD */
static void
malloc_initialize_1 (void)
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