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Expand NEWS entry on old-style backquotes.

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......@@ -995,7 +995,16 @@ coordinate in the POSITION list now counts from the top of the text
area, excluding any header line. Previously, it counted from the top
of the header line.
** A backquote not followed by a space is now always treated as new-style.
** Support for "old-style" backquotes, which have been obsolete for
more than 10 years, has been further reduced. Now a backquote not
followed by a space is always treated as a "new-style" backquote.
Please consider completely removing all "old-style" backquotes from
your code as a matter of some urgency. If your code uses backquotes
as documented in the Elisp manual, and compiles without warning, then
you have nothing to do in this regard. Code not following the
appropriate conventions may fail to compile. The most common cause of
trouble seems to be an old-style backquote followed by a newline.
** view-buffer now treats special mode-class in the same way that
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