Commit 2b311310 authored by Aaron S. Hawley's avatar Aaron S. Hawley Committed by Chong Yidong
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* vc.el (vc-revert, vc-rollback): Dont kill vc-diff buffer on revert.

Fixes: debbugs:11488
parent b9cb2387
2012-05-29 Aaron S. Hawley <>
* vc/vc.el (vc-revert, vc-rollback): Dont kill vc-diff buffer on
revert (Bug#11488).
2012-05-29 Juri Linkov <>
* isearch.el (isearch-mode-map): Bind `M-s _' to
......@@ -2285,7 +2285,7 @@ to the working revision (except for keyword expansion)."
(if (= nfiles 1) "" "s"))))))
(error "Revert canceled")))
(when diff-buffer
(quit-windows-on diff-buffer t)))
(quit-windows-on diff-buffer)))
(dolist (file files)
(message "Reverting %s..." (vc-delistify files))
(vc-revert-file file)
......@@ -2331,7 +2331,7 @@ depending on the underlying version-control system."
;; Display changes
(unless (yes-or-no-p "Discard these revisions? ")
(error "Rollback canceled"))
(quit-windows-on "*vc-diff*" t)
(quit-windows-on "*vc-diff*")
;; Do the actual reversions
(message "Rolling back %s..." (vc-delistify files))
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