Commit 2b4b027f authored by Gerd Moellmann's avatar Gerd Moellmann
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(get_local_map): Change TYPE to Lisp_Object.

parent 24a40fbb
......@@ -2161,18 +2161,16 @@ get_property_and_range (pos, prop, val, start, end, object)
return 1;
/* If TYPE is `keymap', return the map specified by the `keymap'
property at POSITION in BUFFER or nil.
Otherwise return the proper local map for position POSITION in
BUFFER. Use the map specified by the local-map property, if any.
Otherwise, use BUFFER's local map. */
/* Return the proper local keymap TYPE for position POSITION in
BUFFER; TYPE should be one of `keymap' or `local-map'. Use the map
specified by the PROP property, if any. Otherwise, if TYPE is
`local-map' use BUFFER's local map. */
get_local_map (position, buffer, type)
register int position;
register struct buffer *buffer;
enum map_property type;
Lisp_Object type;
Lisp_Object prop, lispy_position, lispy_buffer;
int old_begv, old_zv, old_begv_byte, old_zv_byte;
......@@ -2198,9 +2196,7 @@ get_local_map (position, buffer, type)
XSETFASTINT (lispy_position, position);
XSETBUFFER (lispy_buffer, buffer);
prop = Fget_char_property (lispy_position,
type == keymap ? Qkeymap : Qlocal_map,
prop = Fget_char_property (lispy_position, type, lispy_buffer);
BUF_BEGV (buffer) = old_begv;
BUF_ZV (buffer) = old_zv;
......@@ -2212,7 +2208,7 @@ get_local_map (position, buffer, type)
if (CONSP (prop))
return prop;
if (type == keymap)
if (EQ (type, Qkeymap))
return Qnil;
return buffer->keymap;
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