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......@@ -43,6 +43,24 @@
2000-08-16 Dave Love <>
* windmove.el (windmove) <defgroup>: Add :version.
* net/goto-addr.el: Don't require browse-url. Require thingatpt.
(goto-address-fontify-p, goto-address-highlight-p)
(goto-address-url-face, goto-address-url-mouse-face)
(goto-address-mail-face, goto-address-mail-mouse-face): Doc fix.
(goto-address-url-regexp): Use thing-at-point-url-regexp.
(goto-address-fontify, goto-address-at-mouse): Simplify,
(goto-address-at-point): browse-url-url-at-point,
goto-address-find-address-at-point can return nil.
(goto-address-find-address-at-point): Return nil on failure.
* align.el (align) <defgroup>: Add :version.
* calculator.el (calculator): Add :version.
(calculator): Use two lines for calculator window if `modeline'
face is boxed.
* play/5x5.el: Doc fixes.
(5x5) <defgroup>: Add :version.
......@@ -158,6 +176,9 @@
* bs.el: Fix indentation.
(bs) <defgroup>: Add :links.
(bs-show): Doc fix.
(bs-apply-sort-faces): Don't use window-system.
(bs-mode-font-lock-keywords): Avoid testing for XEmacs.
2000-08-15 Eli Zaretskii <>
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