Commit 2b572fdc authored by Andreas Schwab's avatar Andreas Schwab
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(MAINT): New variable.

(${srcdir}/configure, $(srcdir)/src/ Depend on this
instead of, to avoid running autoconf and autoheader
unless explicitly requested.
parent 887d3c94
......@@ -227,6 +227,9 @@ SUBDIR_MAKEFILES = lib-src/Makefile man/Makefile lispref/Makefile lispintro/Make
COPYDIR = ${srcdir}/etc ${srcdir}/lisp
COPYDESTS = ${etcdir} ${lispdir}
# Set to FRC to force running autoconf and autoheader
all: ${SUBDIR} leim
removenullpaths=sed -e 's/^://g' -e 's/:$$//g' -e 's/::/:/g'
......@@ -277,12 +280,12 @@ Makefile: $(srcdir)/ config.status
config.status: ${srcdir}/configure
./config.status --recheck
${srcdir}/configure: $(MAINT)
cd ${srcdir} && autoconf
$(srcdir)/src/ $(srcdir)/src/
$(srcdir)/src/ $(MAINT)
cd ${srcdir} && autoheader
rm -f $(srcdir)/src/
echo timestamp > $(srcdir)/src/
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