Commit 2b632b16 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(tetris-mode): Avoid warning.

parent 2f4fbe7a
...@@ -601,15 +601,16 @@ tetris-mode keybindings: ...@@ -601,15 +601,16 @@ tetris-mode keybindings:
(setq major-mode 'tetris-mode) (setq major-mode 'tetris-mode)
(setq mode-name "Tetris") (setq mode-name "Tetris")
(setq mode-popup-menu (unless (featurep 'emacs)
'("Tetris Commands" (setq mode-popup-menu
["Start new game" tetris-start-game] '("Tetris Commands"
["End game" tetris-end-game ["Start new game" tetris-start-game]
(tetris-active-p)] ["End game" tetris-end-game
["Pause" tetris-pause-game (tetris-active-p)]
(and (tetris-active-p) (not tetris-paused))] ["Pause" tetris-pause-game
["Resume" tetris-pause-game (and (tetris-active-p) (not tetris-paused))]
(and (tetris-active-p) tetris-paused)])) ["Resume" tetris-pause-game
(and (tetris-active-p) tetris-paused)])))
(setq gamegrid-use-glyphs tetris-use-glyphs) (setq gamegrid-use-glyphs tetris-use-glyphs)
(setq gamegrid-use-color tetris-use-color) (setq gamegrid-use-color tetris-use-color)
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