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(Terminal Parameters): Document `terminal-parameters', `terminal-parameter',

and `set-terminal-parameter'.
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......@@ -1053,18 +1053,49 @@ Here is an example:
@section Terminal Parameters
@cindex terminal parameters
This subsection describes how to read and change the parameter
values of a terminal.
Each terminal has a list of associated parameters. These
@dfn{terminal parameters} are mostly a convenient way of storage for
terminal-local variables, but some terminal parameters have a special
This section describes functions to read and change the parameter values
of a terminal. They all accept as their argument either a terminal or
a frame; the latter means use that frame's terminal. An argument of
@code{nil} means the selected frame's terminal.
@defun terminal-parameters &optional terminal
This function returns an alist listing all the parameters of
@var{terminal} and their values.
@end defun
@defun terminal-parameter terminal parameter
This function returns the value of the parameter @var{parameter} (a
symbol) of @var{terminal}. If @var{terminal} has no setting for
@var{parameter}, this function returns @code{nil}.
@end defun
@defun set-terminal-parameter terminal parameter value
This function sets the parameter @var{parm} of @var{terminal} to the
specified @var{value}, and returns the previous value of that
@end defun
Here's a list of a few terminal parameters that have a special
@table @code
@item background-mode
The classification of the terminal's background color, either
@code{light} or @code{dark}.
@item normal-erase-is-backspace
Value is either 1 or 0, depending on whether
@code{normal-erase-is-backspace-mode} is turned on or off on this
terminal. @xref{DEL Does Not Delete,,, emacs, The Emacs Manual}.
@item terminal-initted
After the terminal is initialized, this is set to the
terminal-specific initialization function.
@end table
@node Frame Titles
@section Frame Titles
@cindex frame title
......@@ -1440,16 +1471,6 @@ This happens below the level at which Emacs can exert any control, but
Emacs does provide events that you can use to keep track of such
changes. @xref{Misc Events}.
@defun suspend-frame
@end defun
@c FIXME: xref to suspend-emacs, and xref there.
@defun suspend-tty &optional tty
@end defun
@defun resume-tty &optional tty
@end defun
@node Raising and Lowering
@section Raising and Lowering Frames
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