Commit 2b78d42c authored by Alan Mackenzie's avatar Alan Mackenzie
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(c-mask-paragraph): Remove a spurious correction between the visible

width of TABs and their number of bytes, so that point is undisturbed
after typing a space, when there are tabs just before "*/".
parent b87d9f96
......@@ -4202,8 +4202,7 @@ Warning: Regexp from `c-comment-prefix-regexp' doesn't match the comment prefix
(forward-char (- hang-ender-stuck))
(if (or fill-paragraph (not auto-fill-spaces))
(insert-char ?\ hang-ender-stuck t)
(insert auto-fill-spaces)
(setq here (- here (- hang-ender-stuck (length auto-fill-spaces)))))
(insert auto-fill-spaces))
(delete-char hang-ender-stuck)
(goto-char here))
(set-marker tmp-post nil))
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