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......@@ -28,6 +28,13 @@ so we will look at it and add it to the manual.
** The default X toolkit is now Gtk+, rather than Lucid.
** The new configuration option "--enable-font-backend" enables new code
for handling fonts by multiple backends (the old font handling codes
still exist). This requires the freetype and fontconfig libraries, and
supports local fonts (fonts installed on the machine where Emacs is running).
Additionally, the Xft library can be used for antialiasing support.
Fontconfig-like font names (e.g. monospace-12) are also accepted.
** The new configuration option "--with-dbus" enables D-Bus language
bindings for Emacs.
......@@ -82,11 +89,6 @@ them somewhat slower than Emacs 23-compiled files. Thus it may be worth
recompiling existing .elc files which don't need to be shared with older
** Emacs now supports local fonts (fonts installed in the same machine
as Emacs is running) using the freetype and fontconfig libraries.
On X, antialias support is available via the Xft library.
Fontconfig-like font names (e.g. monospace-12) are also accepted.
** There are assorted new coding systems/aliases -- see M-x list-coding-systems.
** There is a new charset implementation with many new charsets.
......@@ -746,7 +748,15 @@ Composition Mode locally and globally.
Auto Composition Mode to compose characters. The default value is the
function `auto-compose-chars'.
** Font Backend changes.
** Changes related to the new font backend.
Which font backends to use can be specified by X resource "FontBackend".
For instance, if you want to use Xft fonts only,
Emacs.FontBackend: xft
will work. If this resource is not set, Emacs tries to use all font
backends available on your graphic device.
*** New frame parameter `font-backend' specifies a list of
font-backends supported by the frame's graphic device. On X, they are
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