Commit 2b8ef8dd authored by Eli Zaretskii's avatar Eli Zaretskii
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* lisp/files.el (abbreviate-file-name): Doc fix. (Bug#29267)

parent fe85ce1e
......@@ -1855,7 +1855,13 @@ The value includes abbreviation according to `directory-abbrev-alist'.")
"Return a version of FILENAME shortened using `directory-abbrev-alist'.
This also substitutes \"~\" for the user's home directory (unless the
home directory is a root directory) and removes automounter prefixes
\(see the variable `automount-dir-prefix')."
\(see the variable `automount-dir-prefix').
When this function is first called, it caches the user's home
directory as a regexp in `abbreviated-home-dir', and reuses it
afterwards. Lisp programs that temporarily set the home directory
to a different value should let-bind `abbreviated-home-dir' for
the modified home directory to take effect."
;; Get rid of the prefixes added by the automounter.
(if (and automount-dir-prefix
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