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2002-10-30 Dave Love <>
* Require autoconf 2.53. Test for pty.h,
sys/mman.h, sys/param.h, mremap, memmove.
(AH_BOTTOM): Maybe include strings.h. Add local variables for
(AC_PROG_YACC): Deleted.
(size_t): Use AC_CHECK_TYPES.
(AH_TOP): Up-date copyright.
2002-10-01 Juanma Barranquero <>
* update-subdirs: Add "no-byte-compile: t" to subdirs.el.
......@@ -518,15 +528,9 @@
* mkinstalldirs (errstatus): Chmod a+rx directories we create.
* (uninstall): Ignore exit code of `rm'.
<<<<<<< ChangeLog
* (uninstall): Remove more info files.
Remove ${libexecdir}/emacs/${version}. Remove ${archlibdir}/fns-*.
* (uninstall): Remove more info files. Remove
${libexecdir}/emacs/${version}. Remove ${archlibdir}/fns-*.
>>>>>>> 1.214
2001-01-31 Gerd Moellmann <>
2002-10-30 Dave Love <>
* textmodes/po.el (po-content-type-charset-alist): Delete most
(po-find-charset): Doc fix. Remove interactive spec.
(po): Provide.
(po-find-file-coding-system-guts): Re-written to use
coding-system-alist, and code-pages, not codepage stuff.
* term/x-win.el: Remove some ancient compatibility code. Populate
2002-10-30 Andreas Schwab <>
* subr.el (replace-regexp-in-string): Doc fix.
2002-10-30 Dave Love <>
* process.c [HAVE_SYS_WAIT]: Include sys/wait.h.
[HAVE_PTY_H]; Include pty.h.
* lread.c (Fload) <!load_dangerous_libraries>: Close fd.
* xterm.c (Qeql): Declare.
(Vx_keysym_table): New.
(syms_of_xterm): Initialize it.
(XTread_socket): Use it. Deal with ASCII keysyms.
(XSetIMValues) [HAVE_X11R6]: Prototype.
* keyboard.c (lispy_accent_codes, lispy_accent_keys): Extended.
(lispy_kana_keys): Comment out.
(make_lispy_event) [XK_kana_A]: Comment out.
(modify_event_symbol) <sizeof (long) == sizeof (EMACS_INT)>: Fix
sprintf call.
* s/osf5-0.h (C_SWITCH_SYSTEM): Revert last change (fixed by
regexp.h change).
* s/usg5-4.h (bcopy, bzero): Define conditional on HAVE_BCOPY.
(bcmp): Define conditional on HAVE_BCMP.
(NO_SIOCTL_H): Don't define.
(TIOCSIGSEND): Don't make conditional on IRIX6.
* s/sol2-5.h: Don't include strings.h.
(bcopy, bzero, bcmp) [HAVE_BCOPY]: Don't undef.
* s/irix6-0.h (IRIX6): Don't define.
(bcopy, bcmp, bzero): Don't undef.
* s/irix6-5.h: Don't include strings.h.
(IRIX6): Don't define.
(bcopy, bcmp, bzero): Don't undef.
* syntax.c (Fforward_comment): Doc fix.
2002-10-29 Kim F. Storm <>
* process.c (Fsignal_process): Allow PROCESS to be specified by
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