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* src/coding.c (decode_coding): Improve doc.

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......@@ -7324,9 +7324,13 @@ produce_annotation (struct coding_system *coding, ptrdiff_t pos)
In this case, if CODING->src_pos is positive, it is a position of
the source text in the buffer, otherwise, the source text is in the
gap area of the buffer, and CODING->src_pos specifies the offset of
the text from GPT (which must be the same as PT). If this is the
same buffer as CODING->dst_object, CODING->src_pos must be
the text from the end of the gap (and GPT must be equal to PT).
When the text is taken from the gap, it can't be at the beginning
of the gap because the new decoded text is progressively acumulated
at the beginning of the gap before it gets inserted at PT (this way,
as the output grows, the input shrinks, so we only need to allocate
enough space for `max(IN, OUT)` instead of `IN + OUT`).
If CODING->src_object is a string, CODING->src_pos is an index to
that string.
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