Commit 2bf1ab74 authored by John Paul Wallington's avatar John Paul Wallington
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Don't require `derived' at compile-time.

parent 4d5bb891
......@@ -35,7 +35,6 @@
(require 'ibuffer)
(require 'derived)
(require 'ibuf-macs)
(require 'cl))
......@@ -556,7 +555,8 @@ To evaluate a form without viewing the buffer, see `ibuffer-do-eval'."
(cons (format "%s" mode) `((mode . ,mode))))
(let ((modes
(mapcar (lambda (buf) (with-current-buffer buf major-mode))
(mapcar (lambda (buf)
(with-current-buffer buf major-mode))
(if ibuffer-view-ibuffer
......@@ -586,7 +586,8 @@ To evaluate a form without viewing the buffer, see `ibuffer-do-eval'."
(defun ibuffer-decompose-filter-group (group)
"Decompose the filter group GROUP into active filters."
(interactive (list (ibuffer-read-filter-group-name "Decompose filter group: " t)))
(list (ibuffer-read-filter-group-name "Decompose filter group: " t)))
(let ((data (cdr (assoc group ibuffer-filter-groups))))
(setq ibuffer-filter-groups (ibuffer-delete-alist
group ibuffer-filter-groups)
......@@ -620,7 +621,8 @@ To evaluate a form without viewing the buffer, see `ibuffer-do-eval'."
(defun ibuffer-jump-to-filter-group (name)
"Move point to the filter group whose name is NAME."
(interactive (list (ibuffer-read-filter-group-name "Jump to filter group: ")))
(list (ibuffer-read-filter-group-name "Jump to filter group: ")))
(ibuffer-aif (assoc name (ibuffer-current-filter-groups-with-position))
(goto-char (cdr it))
(error "No filter group with name %s" name)))
......@@ -667,7 +669,8 @@ See also `ibuffer-kill-filter-group'."
(setq groups (cdr groups))))
(cond ((not found)
(setq ibuffer-filter-groups (nconc ibuffer-filter-groups (list newgroup))))
(setq ibuffer-filter-groups
(nconc ibuffer-filter-groups (list newgroup))))
((zerop pos)
(push newgroup ibuffer-filter-groups))
......@@ -836,14 +839,16 @@ filter into parts."
(not (eq 'or (caar ibuffer-filtering-qualifiers))))
(error "Top filter is not an OR"))
(let ((lim (pop ibuffer-filtering-qualifiers)))
(setq ibuffer-filtering-qualifiers (nconc (cdr lim) ibuffer-filtering-qualifiers))))
(setq ibuffer-filtering-qualifiers
(nconc (cdr lim) ibuffer-filtering-qualifiers))))
(when (< (length ibuffer-filtering-qualifiers) 2)
(error "Need two filters to OR"))
;; If the second filter is an OR, just add to it.
(let ((first (pop ibuffer-filtering-qualifiers))
(second (pop ibuffer-filtering-qualifiers)))
(if (eq 'or (car second))
(push (nconc (list 'or first) (cdr second)) ibuffer-filtering-qualifiers)
(push (nconc (list 'or first) (cdr second))
(push (list 'or first second)
(ibuffer-update nil t))
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