Commit 2c3b35b0 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(describe_map): Ignore bindings for all except symbols and integers.

parent 5416d1ee
......@@ -2073,9 +2073,12 @@ describe_map (map, keys, elt_describer, partial, shadow, seen)
else if (CONSP (XCONS (tail)->car))
event = XCONS (XCONS (tail)->car)->car;
/* Don't show individual items in the Buffers menu. */
if (STRINGP (event))
/* Ignore bindings whose "keys" are not really valid events.
(We get these in the frames and buffers menu.) */
if (! (SYMBOLP (event) || INTEGERP (event)))
definition = get_keyelt (XCONS (XCONS (tail)->car)->cdr, 0);
/* Don't show undefined commands or suppressed commands. */
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