Commit 2c632203 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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Renamed show-nonbreak-escape to nobreak-char-display.

parent 90f0b6ba
......@@ -691,9 +691,9 @@ appears between the position information and the major mode.
*** New face `escape-glyph' highlights control characters and escape glyphs.
*** Non-breaking space and hyphens are now prefixed with an escape
character, unless the new user variable `show-nonbreak-escape' is set
to nil.
*** Non-breaking space and hyphens are now displayed with a special
face, either nobreak-space or escape-glyph. You can turn this off or
specify a different mode by setting the variable `nobreak-char-display'.
*** The parameters of automatic hscrolling can now be customized.
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