Commit 2c6ea900 authored by Richard M. Stallman's avatar Richard M. Stallman
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(Fforward_word): Handle fields even if would have hit

an edge of the buffer.  Return nil if affected by fields.
parent c252ce76
......@@ -1222,26 +1222,24 @@ scan_words (from, count)
DEFUN ("forward-word", Fforward_word, Sforward_word, 1, 1, "p",
"Move point forward ARG words (backward if ARG is negative).\n\
Normally returns t.\n\
If an edge of the buffer is reached, point is left there\n\
and nil is returned.")
If an edge of the buffer or a field boundary is reached, point is left there\n\
and the function returns nil.")
Lisp_Object count;
int val, prompt_end;
int orig_val, val;
CHECK_NUMBER (count, 0);
if (!(val = scan_words (PT, XINT (count))))
SET_PT (XINT (count) > 0 ? ZV : BEGV);
return Qnil;
val = orig_val = scan_words (PT, XINT (count));
if (! orig_val)
val = XINT (count) > 0 ? ZV : BEGV;
/* Avoid jumping out of an input field. */
val = XFASTINT (Fconstrain_to_field (make_number (val), make_number (PT),
Qt, Qnil));
SET_PT (val);
return Qt;
return (val == orig_val ? Qt : Qnil);
Lisp_Object skip_chars ();
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