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NEWS typo fix and punctuation tweaks

parent dfdb4cad
......@@ -95,7 +95,7 @@ and pops down the *Completions* buffer accordingly.
*** New option `completion-cycle-threshold' allows completion cycling.
*** New option `completion-category-overrides' for overriding the
default completion style in certain cirucmstances.
default completion style in certain circumstances.
*** New completion style `substring'.
......@@ -829,14 +829,14 @@ You can get a comparable behavior with:
*** pc-mode.el is obsolete (CUA mode is much more comprehensive).
*** pgg is obsolete (use EasyPG instead)
*** pgg is obsolete (use EasyPG instead).
*** sregex.el is obsolete, since rx.el is a strict superset.
*** s-region.el and pc-select.el are obsolete.
They are superseded by shift-select-mode, enabled by default since 23.1.
*** vc-mcvs.el is obsolete (for lack of a maintainer)
*** vc-mcvs.el is obsolete (for lack of a maintainer).
** Miscellaneous
......@@ -989,7 +989,7 @@ means you can just remove all calls to the function in question):
*** `frame-update-faces' (not needed)
*** `frame-update-face-colors' (`frame-set-background-mode')
*** `x-frob-font-weight' and `x-frob-font-slant' (`make-face-*' functions)
*** `x-make-font-bold and x-make-font-demibold (make-face-bold)
*** `x-make-font-bold and x-make-font-demibold (`make-face-bold')
*** `x-make-font-italic' and `x-make-font-oblique' (`make-face-italic')
*** `x-make-font-bold-italic' (`make-face-bold-italic')
*** `x-make-font-unbold' (`make-face-unbold')
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