Commit 2c834fb3 authored by Karl Heuer's avatar Karl Heuer

(modify_event_symbol): Mask out high bits here,

and only for certain purposes.  table_size now unsigned.
(modify_event_symbol) [HAVE_X_WINDOWS]:	Use x_get_keysym_name.
(make_lispy_event): Don't mask high bits here.
Supply -1 as table_size for system-specific keys.
parent d047c4eb
......@@ -440,6 +440,8 @@ Lisp_Object recursive_edit_unwind (), command_loop ();
Lisp_Object Fthis_command_keys ();
Lisp_Object Qextended_command_history;
extern char *x_get_keysym_name ();
Lisp_Object Qpolling_period;
extern Lisp_Object Vprint_level, Vprint_length;
......@@ -3003,11 +3005,11 @@ make_lispy_event (event)
since we can't make a vector long enuf. */
if (NILP (system_key_syms))
system_key_syms = Fcons (Qnil, Qnil);
return modify_event_symbol (event->code & 0xffffff,
return modify_event_symbol (event->code,
0, &system_key_syms, 0xffffff);
0, &system_key_syms, (unsigned)-1);
return modify_event_symbol (event->code - 0xff00,
......@@ -3722,12 +3724,13 @@ modify_event_symbol (symbol_num, modifiers, symbol_kind, name_alist,
Lisp_Object name_alist;
char **name_table;
Lisp_Object *symbol_table;
int table_size;
unsigned int table_size;
Lisp_Object value;
Lisp_Object symbol_int;
XSETINT (symbol_int, symbol_num);
/* Get rid of the "vendor-specific" bit here. */
XSETINT (symbol_int, symbol_num & 0xffffff);
/* Is this a request for a valid symbol? */
if (symbol_num < 0 || symbol_num >= table_size)
......@@ -3763,6 +3766,15 @@ modify_event_symbol (symbol_num, modifiers, symbol_kind, name_alist,
else if (name_table[symbol_num])
value = intern (name_table[symbol_num]);
if (NILP (value))
char *name = x_get_keysym_name (symbol_num);
if (name)
value = intern (name);
if (NILP (value))
char buf[20];
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