Commit 2c87aab5 authored by Charles A. Roelli's avatar Charles A. Roelli

Enable GUI Emacs without 'make install' on macOS (Bug #27645)

* nextstep/INSTALL: Correct it, and mention that Emacs can be run
from 'src/emacs'.

* src/nsterm.m (applicationDidFinishLaunching:): When Emacs is
launched outside of a macOS application bundle, change its
activation policy from the default 'prohibited' to 'regular'.

; * etc/NEWS: Mention the change on macOS.
parent e1d1aa69
......@@ -1600,6 +1600,9 @@ debugger has been attached to it.
** 'set-mouse-position' and 'set-mouse-absolute-pixel-position' work
on macOS.
** Emacs can now be run as a GUI application from the command line on
This file is part of GNU Emacs.
......@@ -21,15 +21,23 @@ In the top-level directory, use:
(On macOS, --with-ns is enabled by default.)
This will compile all the files, but emacs will not be able to be run except
in -nw (terminal) mode.
Then run:
In order to run, you must run:
This will compile all the files.
In order to run Emacs, you must run:
In order to install Emacs, you must run:
make install
This will assemble the app in nextstep/ (i.e., the --prefix
argument has no effect in this case).
argument has no effect in this case). You can then move the
bundle to a location of your choice.
If you pass the --disable-ns-self-contained option to configure, the lisp
files will be installed under whatever 'prefix' is set to (defaults to
......@@ -5497,6 +5497,19 @@ - (void)applicationDidFinishLaunching: (NSNotification *)notification
if ([NSApp activationPolicy] == NSApplicationActivationPolicyProhibited) {
/* Set the app's activation policy to regular when we run outside
of a bundle. This is already done for us by Info.plist when we
run inside a bundle. */
[NSApp setActivationPolicy:NSApplicationActivationPolicyRegular];
[NSApp setApplicationIconImage:
ns_send_appdefined (-2);
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