Commit 2c9c1954 authored by Martin Stjernholm's avatar Martin Stjernholm
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(c-just-after-func-arglist-p): Safeguard against unbalanced sexps.

parent 0b966e89
......@@ -4272,14 +4272,16 @@ brace."
;; otherwise, we could be looking at a hanging member init
;; colon
(goto-char checkpoint)
(while (eq (char-before) ?,)
(while (and
(eq (char-before) ?,)
;; this will catch member inits with multiple
;; line arglists
(forward-char -1)
(c-backward-syntactic-ws (c-point 'bol))
(if (eq (char-before) ?\))
(c-backward-sexp 2)
(c-backward-sexp 1))
(c-safe (c-backward-sexp 1) t))
(or (not (looking-at "\\s\("))
(c-safe (c-backward-sexp 1) t)))
(c-backward-syntactic-ws lim))
(if (and (eq (char-before) ?:)
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