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Merge from emacs-24; up to 2014-07-27T01:00:26Z!

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2014-10-13 Glenn Morris <>
* authors.el (authors-aliases, authors-fixed-case)
(authors-obsolete-files-regexps): Additions.
(authors-no-scan-regexps): New constant.
(authors-no-scan-file-p): New function.
(authors): Respect authors-no-scan-file-p.
2014-10-12 Paul Eggert <>
Fix putenv race conditions with undefined behavior (Bug#8705).
......@@ -121,6 +121,7 @@ files.")
("Mikio Nakajima" "Nakajima Mikio")
("Nelson Jose dos Santos Ferreira" "Nelson Ferreira")
("Noorul Islam" "Noorul Islam K M")
;;; ("Tetsurou Okazaki" "OKAZAKI Tetsurou") ; FIXME?
("Paul Eggert" "Paul R\\. Eggert")
("Pavel Janík" "Pavel Janík Ml." "Pavel Janik Ml." "Pavel Janik")
("Pavel Kobiakov" "Pavel Kobyakov")
......@@ -143,6 +144,7 @@ files.")
("Sam Steingold" "Sam Shteingold")
("Satyaki Das" "Indexed search by Satyaki Das")
("Sébastien Vauban" "Sebastien Vauban")
("Sergey Litvinov" "Litvinov Sergey")
;; There are other Stefans.
;;; ("Stefan Monnier" "Stefan")
("Steven L. Baur" "SL Baur" "Steven L Baur")
......@@ -178,11 +180,13 @@ If REALNAME is nil, ignore that author.")
;; FIXME seems it would be less fragile to check for O', Mc, etc.
(defconst authors-fixed-case
'("Brian van den Broek"
'("Barry O'Reilly"
"Brian van den Broek"
"Bryan O'Sullivan"
"Christian von Roques"
"Christophe de Dinechin"
"Craig McDaniel"
"Daniel LaLiberte"
"David J. MacKenzie"
"David McCabe"
"David O'Toole"
......@@ -190,12 +194,16 @@ If REALNAME is nil, ignore that author.")
"Dominique de Waleffe"
"Edward O'Connor"
"Exal de Jesus Garcia Carrillo"
"George McNinch"
"Greg McGary"
"Hans de Graaff"
"Ivan Vilata i Balaguer"
"Jae-hyeon Park"
"James TD Smith"
"Jay McCarthy"
"Joel N. Weber II"
"Matt McClure"
"Mike McLean"
"Michael McNamara"
"Mike McEwan"
"Nelson Jose dos Santos Ferreira"
......@@ -203,10 +211,13 @@ If REALNAME is nil, ignore that author.")
"Peter O'Gorman"
"Piet van Oostrum"
"Roland McGrath"
"Santiago Payà i Miralta"
"Sean O'Halpin"
"Sean O'Rourke"
"Shun-ichi Goto"
"Thomas DeWeese"
"Tijs van Bakel")
"Tijs van Bakel"
"Yu-ji Hosokawa")
"List of authors whose names cannot be simply capitalized.")
(defvar authors-public-domain-files
......@@ -231,6 +242,7 @@ If REALNAME is nil, ignore that author.")
'(".*loaddefs.el$" ; not obsolete, but auto-generated
"\\.\\(cvs\\|git\\)ignore$" ; obsolete or uninteresting
"automated/data/" ; not interesting
;; TODO lib/? Matches other things?
"build-aux/" "m4/" "Emacs.xcodeproj" "mapfiles" "\\.map\\'"
......@@ -240,6 +252,11 @@ gnus-booklet\\|fr-drdref\\)\\.p\\(df\\|s\\)\\'")
"List of regexps matching obsolete files.
Changes to files matching one of the regexps in this list are not listed.")
(defconst authors-no-scan-regexps
"Lists of regexps matching files not to scan for authorship.")
(defconst authors-ignored-files
"lock" "share-lib" "local-lisp"
......@@ -1069,6 +1086,15 @@ from `authors-obsolete-files-regexps'."
regexps (cdr regexps)))
(defun authors-no-scan-file-p (file)
"Return non-nil if FILE should not be scanned.
FILE is not scanned if it matches any of `authors-no-scan-regexps'."
(let (no-scan-p
(regexps authors-no-scan-regexps))
(while (and regexps (not no-scan-p))
(setq no-scan-p (string-match-p (car regexps) file)
regexps (cdr regexps)))
(defun authors-add (author file action table)
"Record that AUTHOR worked on FILE.
......@@ -1300,8 +1326,9 @@ buffer *Authors Errors* containing references to unknown files."
(authors-scan-change-log log table)))
(let ((els (process-lines find-program root "-name" "*.el")))
(dolist (file els)
(message "Scanning %s..." file)
(authors-scan-el file table)))
(unless (authors-no-scan-file-p file)
(message "Scanning %s..." file)
(authors-scan-el file table))))
(message "Generating buffer %s..." buffer-name)
(set-buffer (get-buffer-create buffer-name))
2014-10-12 Marco Wahl <>
* org-agenda.el (org-get-entries-from-diary): Use
`diary-fancy-display' instead of the obsolete
2014-10-12 Nicolas Goaziou <>
* ox.el (org-export-async-start): Limit first argument to lambda
* ox-publish.el (org-publish, org-publish-all)
(org-publish-current-file): Replace `ignore', per limit stated
2014-10-12 Christopher Schmidt <>
* org.el (orgstruct-make-binding): Do not use loop in interpreted code.
......@@ -1268,7 +1283,7 @@
* org-habit.el (org-habit-parse-todo): Match all TODO keywords,
not just "TODO".
2013-01-07 U-usuario <> (tiny change)
2013-01-07 Miguel Ruiz <> (tiny change)
* ob-gnuplot.el (org-babel-gnuplot-quote-tsv-field): Fix code
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