Commit 2ce30ea2 authored by Jim Blandy's avatar Jim Blandy
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* keyboard.c (kbd_buffer_get_event): When performing the

	FRAME_FOCUS_FRAME redirection, don't modify the frame field of
	the event; that fatally corrupts mouse click events.  Instead,
	just perform the redirection on the value assigned to

	* keyboard.c (input_available_signal): Declare this to return
parent d06a8a56
......@@ -1587,13 +1587,10 @@ kbd_buffer_get_event ()
if (kbd_fetch_ptr == kbd_buffer + KBD_BUFFER_SIZE)
kbd_fetch_ptr = kbd_buffer;
/* Do the redirection specified by the focus_frame
member now, before we return this event. */
= XFRAME (FRAME_FOCUS_FRAME (kbd_fetch_ptr->frame));
XSET (Vlast_event_frame, Lisp_Frame, kbd_fetch_ptr->frame);
XSET (Vlast_event_frame, Lisp_Frame,
XFRAME (FRAME_FOCUS_FRAME (kbd_fetch_ptr->frame)));
last_event_timestamp = kbd_fetch_ptr->timestamp;
......@@ -2212,6 +2209,7 @@ read_avail_input (expected)
#ifdef SIGIO /* for entire page */
/* Note SIGIO has been undef'd if FIONREAD is missing. */
input_available_signal (signo)
int signo;
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